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Your books are completly lovely... I adore them...


in other news, i just found out that one of my classes at art & soul in may is sold out! wow.
WOWWWWW indeed!!!!! i'm reading this from my parents' house in alabama - very exciting news for me to hear. i'm so proud of you!!! sending much much love - happy thanksgiving, dear one - xoxoxo


Whoops - I just realized that Id commented on the LJ feed page. *blush* Here's what I originally wrote:

OMG - I love the klimty bubbles book. I wonder if you could do one like it in polymer! How much is this one - and if I commissioned one in polymer (and it was possible) - how much would that be?


i read the feeds every once in a while to see if there are comments, but they don't get mailed to me.

this one is $25, but in polymer it would be at least $95. once i started making the paper books i was amazed at how much less time they took than polymer books!

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