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I love that show. I did not see you though. I also love the pictures of your studio, mine is in the basement as well.
Although, believe me it needs a lot of organizing right now but it is way too cold to stay down there.


Watched your show, you rocked! Great job, Geraldine.

Kevin Makice

We Tivo-ed it and just watched it now. Very professional, yet friendly. (Monica of Friends might have called you "breezy.") You made me think I could actually do it, so well done.

Are those techniques you developed over time, or are they common for polymer crafters.

I can't believe I remember when you started doing this. Very nice.

Pam Pickard

I was home the day of your show, ao I got to see it. My daughter was also home with the flu. I made her get up and come to the TV to see you. "That's my friend Geri!! See?! My friend Geri is on TV!!!" She was just thrilled. Annoyed with me, but thrilled. I am so proud of you. You were totally awesome, as anticipated. I love that they showed a bunch of your other incredible books too. I was all, "I have SEEN some of those in PERSON! I touched the LOCUST BOOK! I HAVE one of Geri's books - the one with the car-door handle! She is so Cool!" My daughter had collapsed back into her bed by then, but I am still cranked about your appearance. You were very professional and totally adorable wich yo bad pigtails. I am inspired to try this new, scary, mystical, magical polymer clay thing. Congratulations, Superstar. I knew you when.


I can NOT believe that I missed it!! Did you tape it? I'm so sorry that I didn't see it, I was looking forward to it so much.

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