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here's a link about sustainable agriculture that talks about egg washing.

I should have said that I rinse the eggs before packaging them to give to others - but when I'm ready to cook with them I give them a bit of a scrub under the tap with a drop of dish soap.

Some people believe that the green/blue eggs have less cholesterol but it may not be the case.

Poor Francine - ;-)


that's a great link! i thought this was interesting:

Some organic farmers are offering Omega-3 eggs which are laid by birds fed organic flax seed.

i thought those omega-3 eggs were genetically modified and i was trying to stay away from them!


we had chickens when i was a kid, in the willamette valley in the 1960's. the eggs do come out kind of poopy sometimes, because that's what's close by when the egg comes out. and, chickens do have diseases and parasites. plus, they run around barefoot all day, wherever, and don't wash their feet before they trample all over their nest boxes. you had to have been there. i did think it was fun to watch the eggs come out of the hens' butts. :O))


i forgot to say, i had eggs laid into my hand several times, for fun. as it came out, right into my hand. you had to pet the chickens first though.

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