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sounds like you've been having lots of adventures lately! the book angel, the paper place (you have more stamina than i!), even the deli. you go, girl! but no thank you, i do NOT need a gynocology table. the once a year visit(give or take a visit or two) is enough of a viewing for me. xo

Pam Pickard

You have a gynocology table?!! Oh my. Geri, how on earth did you end up with that? I'm cracking up!Even though that is just about the strangest thing I have ever heard of collecting, a little voice in the back of my head is saying, "Pammie, you have got to have that gyno-reclino." I'm not listening to that little voice, but it's stil there.


it came with the house!! i didn't collect it :)


Thanks for sharing the shopping adventure, it was a fun read! I wish I would've been there!

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