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Ann K.

I read on Claudine Hellmuth's blog that something similar happened to her---you might want to check with her. It's very distressing, isn't it?

On a happier note, I really like the books you've been posting.


it's totally distressing. it was reading her blog that made me remember to mention it. but she has a pc, not a mac. i really don't know what happened in my case!

thanks for the happy note!


That explains it! Every once in a while I check to see what you may have on ebay, and one time not too long ago your name turned up pages of Gucci purses.


sue! crazy isn't it!

Robin Laughlin

Same thing happened to me but it was a car not a purse and it was a scam one. Make sure you check your settings on your Ebay account because the first thing they do is switch it so you do not get notified by email if you change things or post stuff for sale. That way you do not know it happened and when you get your account back Ebay does not always tell you to reset this. Wouldn't it be nice if everyone would work for their money rather than trying to exploit it from others. Of course unicorns might be nice also.

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