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geri, that's AWESOME!!!!! i'm so proud of you!!!!! you ought to be able to make the bird's nests - i've constructed wee ones out of very thin copper wire from the mesh - it will take some deconstructing (hey, we're good at that), but you can persevere. i'd tarnish it first. then, ball it up, and simply press into a nest shape and there you have it. if you need small blue eggs, let me know.
i love you.......x


thanks! i have made wee copper nests before, but i think i need a real one for this. i made the blue egg myself from polymer :)


I have a lovely small nest about 3 inches across and 2 inches deep - maybe a hummingbird???
I'd be happy to contribute this to your artwork.


That's so cool! Would you mind sending out reminder emails so forgetful ones, like me, won't miss the shows? I LOVE that book anyway, I'm doing the happy dance for you:)


This book is gorgeous. Can't wait to see on the show how you make it. Would be *perfect* for my Cabinet of Curiosities challenge on my blog:)

julie sadler

did you get the nests you needed?
If not, email me. I have a couple i could send you.

Jennifer Perkins

I'll be sure and blog about the episode too!


CONGRATULATIONS!I can't wait to see it!

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