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aw, honey. class is the LAST place to visit - especially with 28 students - and i'm just so sorry that i wasn't around more. we both needed that cup of tea, didn't we? but, we have virginia coming up, and dinner plans, and i love you with all of my heart. treat yourself gently, get well, and know that you are loved by all. xoxoxoxo

Judy Wise

Hi Geraldine, I was at Artfest too and have been your fan for the longest. Anyway, I wanted to tell you that last year I got sick at Artfest too and figured out that it is just the overwhelming-ness that is the cause of it. Too much all the time. This year I VOWED to pace myself, rest more, wine less and be protective of my body and it worked! No sickness and still a wonderful time. I'm just really glad you are back on your feet now.


nina, it was so silly of me to think that i could visit in class! your students must have hated me!!


judy, i'm so glad to hear that you were able to pace yourself this year. my family thinks i'm crazy for considering going next year again! did you stay off campus??

i love your work as well and was disappointed that i didn't have more time to look at everyone else's tables at vendor night.


Geraldine: what a great post about a wonderful time! I am so glad we had class together with Keith. It was an amazing class, although, I made nothing ;)
did they make those books a class, wow. it almost seems like now it all is a dream! ;) xoxo Kim

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