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Leslie Marsh

It looks like an interesting project Gerri. I'm sorry that you were unhappy with how the segment went and that the book was lost.

Tara Finlay

I can't stand it when people take someone's tools or art. It kills me.
If you find out when it will be on, let me know. I was taping every episode of that's clever but then it all went to reruns (it seemed) so I stopped. It was on both HGTV and DIY I think and I guess I only was taping the DIY one. I need to go back over my DVR and clean up my recordings so I won't miss it.

Sue Pieper

You lost your book?? Is that the one I saw at Valley Ridge? That's awful!


In the most recent issue of the Schmooze with Suze newsletter, she says that DIY/HGTV are on the verge of canceling their craft-related shows.
Here'e the quote: "I hear that the DIY (Do It Yourself) network may be dropping some of our old favorites like Craft Lab, Stylelicious and Uncommon Threads. How awful...let's TELL DIY HOW WE FEEL"

She doesn't mention That's Clever (thank goodness!) but here in LA it hasn't been shown in at least a few months, and I really hope it's not over !
Not least because I want to see you segment - I bet it's great!
I encourage everyone who can to send a comment to DIY on their website in favor of the craft shows.


what a beautiful book, you are the queen!


This book project is so wonderful, full of surprise nooks and crannies. Everything you do is so well-done and unique, Gerry. I heart your art!


Your work is wonderful!
Their lucky to have YOU!

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