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Pam Brisse

I am SURE you will be pleasantly surprised that people still love you and look forward to seeing your art and taking your classes. I'm glad you got that off your chest... now... onward to the next creative outlet, whatever it may be! xoxo


You know Gerri, you are who you are and to me, that is a talented, creative woman. Bipolar disorder is a medical doesn't mean you have cooties. Anyone who doesn't "get this" needs to buy a clue. You keep on being you ok?


*lots of love* it takes a lot of balls to "come out".

i hope you know that so many of us suffer with the same thing. to condemn one is to condemn all. i sometimes wonder if some sort of "mental imbalance" (as people label it) is what makes us creative. a so-called artist's block is often a very low emotional period for me. and i just have to ride it out. so far the art always comes back. for me, modern medicine has done wonders but i know it's certainly not for everyone. it often makes artists feel like they're living a life wrapped in cotton, a life subdued. if you ever need anyone to talk to or just to rage about the whole thing i'm here... primseydolls(at)

Jen Osborn

you are so very loved Sweetheart, and so very BRAVE for admitting something that I know must have tormented you to hide or share!!! I'm very proud of you ... I know personally how hard it can be to share any chronic illness physical or mental. I think after you get through the first day of "Delete Finger" you will feel like you set a bookshelf down off your shoulders!

Only wonderful things for you to come ... I'm sure of it! If you get blacklisted I'll just have to hire the Art Mafia to take 'em out :)

love you Gerri JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!


Dargie  (MJ Walters on FB)

WTG, Gerri! The more open we are about our issues and problems, the less anyone can use them to take things away from us.


It's all good, lady. I often wonder who sets the parameters for "normal" since I don't know ANYONE who fits within them. It's a shame that there's still such a stigma attached to mental illness (even calling it mental illness is part of that! It's a physical issue, the same as epilepsy) but as more of us "come out" and deal with it, it gets easier for the rest of us.

I have ADD and OCD, and it is a struggle, not only for me, but for those who have to deal with me. Keep fighting the good fight, and lean on your support network whenever you need to.


Bless you ten million times over for fighting the stigma against mental illness.

I am right there with you, and we are not alone. Illness of any kind is NOT something to be ashamed of, and by using our voices, we can turn around the stigma and find support while freeing fellow sufferers from their shame, as well.

Mental illness is NOT a character flaw. It is a challenge, and when faced head on (no pun intended) it can make us stronger more empathetic people.

Thank you again, fo rthis post.

- Chelise


no need to feel anyone will view you differently. As the above posts indicate, you are you....... who is to say who is normal? Besides, normal is boring. Take care of yourself, find whatever creative outlet works....
We still love you!


In time this won't be so noteworthy; but to get there, we need more folks like you, willing to "come out" and show the public face of bipolar disorder, etc. You ARE brave, G. *HUGS*

Judy Dunn

You are brave, and you are wonderful. You write a great blog, and make great art. Sharing our baggage means we get some help carrying it when it gets too heavy. I hope your load feels just a little lighter today.

Nothing in the world ever changed because of fear. Bravo to your courage in facing down this stupid stigma about mental illness in all its myriad forms.

Chris P

You will always be an inspiration to me! Your books are so wonderful-come to Iowa and I would sign up for every class that you would teach!!




Hi Gerri,
I want to comment but not sure what to say. An important thing is that it doesn't matter! And I'm so sorry you thought you may lose readers. I can't imagine that you would but...if someone does stop reading for that reason, I don't think you've "lost" anything. I don't know much about bipolar disorder but I'm sure it's challenging. And you've handled the challenge well! Keep doing what you're doing!

Kevin Makice

The most courageous act is to share. I wish you nothing but confidence and love for doing so. Miss you guys.

Kellie Robinson

Now I only admire you and your work even more. I completely understand how you feel Gerri! Thank you so much for your blog!

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