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Lisa Clarke

I'm so with you on the seasonal moods. Winter brings me down.

I want to grow vegetables this year, although I've never done it before, and I don't have a whole lot of confidence. Not even sure where to start!

Looks like you've definitely got a handle on it :-)


Hi Gerry, you mention the lack of light in winter: I´ve been to an eye-training lately where I also learnt about fullspectrum light bulbs. They also are made as energy saving light bulbs and they provide full daylight. I´m absolutley determined to install one of those about the table where we have our meals.
They´re meanwhile less than 10 euros here and that seems affordable to me. The manufacturer is ANDROV
but I don´t know where they are originally located. hugs -Saabine


it's really not that hard to grow veggies.  we started with plants until
this year.  you just need a really sunny spot.  and then water almost
every day when it's really hot.  give it a try!  there's nothing better
than fresh, fresh veggies.


Wow Gerri! You've got everything here! Good for you--I just discovered the economical beauty of seeds myself!

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