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Those pictures are heartbreaking - every artist's worst fear. So sorry that happened to you.

Melissa McCobb Hubbell

yikes! Must read this in full later... poor you...

Just wanted to let you know I have a new blog Meliscellanea:

and my site is back up (but needs tweaking)

Hope you are well otherwise...



thanks melissa.  i'll check out your sites.  hope you are well too.


thanks elissa!

Som Banerjee

I am very sorry that this happened. I can say that I understand what you are going through somewhat, since my apartment was also flooded last month, about 4" of water...also from a malfunctioned rain pipe. The water back-washed into the apartment at 5am. There was nothing we could do. BTW, I stay on the first floor!


i hope you have a basement and didn't have too much damage on the first floor.  isn't flooding awful?

Randy J. Arnold

Oh, your post made my heart sink. I am very sorry for your loss, I can't imagine loosing so much. I hope something positive comes of this (somehow).

Sending positive thoughts,



thanks randy. i appreciate the positive thoughts.


Oh Geraldine, how awful for you both! I am so sorry to hear/ see the damage done to your precious stuff. And things you've stored in plastic boxes too - that you'd expect to be protected... I hope you are able to salvage at least some of it. A horrible thing to happen. What a shame!


most of the stuff can be replaced when i have a bit of money.  the
cleaning was such hard work.  i'm most upset about all my journals
getting wet.  i'm trying to salvage them, but i don't know if i really

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